Supply Chain & Production

Meet our back bone

Our team has a genuine team spirit. We are like a well-trained relay team where everyone in the chain has their own expertise, and an equally important role.


How a work light is made

Nordic Lights’ production follows an assemble to order process. This means we need an agile team consisting of demand & supply planners, sourcing experts and purchasers making sure we have the right components in stock at the right time. Then we need our skilled team of production planners, warehouse workers, team leaders, pickers and work light assemblers, accompanied by our automated warehouse and automated assembly lines.

If you want to see the production in action, take a guided tour with Casimir in the video above.

An international team of experts

In our production, you can work as a picker and collect the components for a specific order from storage, or you can work in an assembly cell, assembling the work lights with great precision. During a work shift we run a rotating schedule, meaning that you change task at least one time per shift to ensure good ergonomics. We also have various tools and solutions in the assembly cells to avoid heavy lifting and other monotonous movements.

You can also work alongside our robots in the automated assembly line, making sure everything functions and runs smoothly. At the automated assembly line the operator supervises the production line, resolves issues that arise, and develops the process by problem solving.

In recent years, Nordic Lights has grown substantially, and invested in production automation and new technology. Today, we have modern factories in two locations, one in Finland and one in China. Currently, you can hear about 20 languages being spoken among the work force in Finland.

As a part of our supply chain & production team in a steadily evolving work environment, you have the opportunity to work with the latest production technology at your fingertips. If you have a technical interest, you can learn everything about utilizing cameras, robots and test equipment in a production environment.

I truly enjoy my multicultural team, and being able to learn new things and excel in my career at Nordic Lights has been a great opportunity for me

Lam The Kiet, Team Leader

The art of making the best products possible

This is a team of true problem solvers, with the goal to make the best high-quality products possible for our customers. Everyone takes responsibility for their task at hand, and for solving the challenges we meet. Thanks to this, and to the fact that all our products go through extensive testing both during development and production, the failure rate of our production is very low. We always strive for premium products and zero defects.

To succeed, we invest in both the development and well-being of our staff, as well as in technology. For developing  and maintaining production technology, planning, sourcing and quality control, and for the assembly of customized and more advanced products we need people, so we are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. Find your career opportunity!


Life @ Nordic Lights